Rogue 3x3 rack

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Thread: New Rogue 3x3 rack- 24 inch deep. Too bad its 24" depth I kinda like it with the smaller holes, just not the 1" spaced ones. If someone was looking for a heavier rack with Westside spacing this would be ideal. Considering you are bolting it down I doubt you would ever notice a difference in the 11g vs 7g.

Seems like everytime R comes out with something someone starts a new thread about it. My crappy old bodysolid rack has 27 inch clearance. It surprises me how many people refuse to buy equipment from Elitefts because its too expensive but they will buy equipment from their competitors, then continue to go on EFS website to educate themselves for FREE.

R 3 lover for life! Originally Posted by boy. Originally Posted by gp This new rack is the same depth as the R3. Nobody seems to have any issues with the 24 inch depth for squatting. Also, if that was an issue for someone, this rack looks like the perfect candidate for adding a monolift attachment sturdy frame with a small footprint - like the one made by Edge Fitness Systems.

I remember back in the diz-ay my highschool gym had a power rack that had about 6" between the uprights! Last edited by IronAddict7; at AM. Originally Posted by triplechris. Ivanko Crew Originally Posted by IronAddict7. I have the R3 and when I used to lift inside the rack I never once had an issue with hitting the uprights during anything except Box Squats lol.

New Evolution shat on me -!!! We're talking about Gorillas". Originally Posted by Accutron. What about if you want to do box squats though? That should be an important exercise It seems to me that 24" of clearance should be enough even for doing box squats.

The bar path is still up and down during the squat part of it. There does appear to be an inch or two of lateral movement at the very bottom as you sit on the box.

You could box squat in 24 inches, but i would feel more comfortable in a 30 inch rack. I've seen people box squatting in the R3 with no problem. This would be a beefier version of the R3, probably with less side-to-side sway. Originally Posted by ICEcap2.

It helps to reinforce good squat form.Add functionality and workout diversity to your rack with Fitness Factory's wide assortment of power rack attachments.

rogue 3x3 rack

Attachments and accessories span multiple uses from organization and storage solutions such as bar holders, weight plate horns and storage trays to total body conditioning tools like dip stations, multi chin-up cross members, monkey bars, u-links, cannonball grips and ball rebounders. Fitness Factory also carries a number of power rack safety accessories including premium j-cups, lift-offs, safeties, strap safeties and more. Transform your power rack with all-in-one lat attachments, calf squat blocks, dip bars, premium weight stacks, benches and much more.

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Call For Price. Body-Solid Ball Target. Powerline Barbell Catches. Powerline Power Rack Lat Attachment. Power Rack Dip Attachment. Powerline Band Pegs Attachment.

Powerline J-Cups. Powerline U-Link. Powerline Weight Plate Horn. Powerline Multi Chin Up. Body-Solid Ball Rebounder Attachment. Hexagon Monkey Bars.

Hexagon Band Pegs. Hexagon Ball Throw. Hexagon Double Pull Up. Hexagon Flying Pull Up. Hexagon Heavy Bag Hanger. Hexagon Kettlebell Tray. Hexagon Lift Offs. Hexagon Medicine Ball Tray. Hexagon Safety Catches. Hexagon Single Pull Up.You will also need a pull-up bar, and those are already built into power racks and many squat stands.

Power Rack Attachments & Compatibility – 2020 Master List

When it comes to buying a power rack or stand there are many different manufacturers and a wide range of quality options available. Some power racks have tons of available features and add-on options, and some have very few. There will be features that you already know you want, and there will also be those that you may not have thought of yet.

I am going to show you a lot of different power racks, cages, and squat stands in this article and also give you some things to watch out for when shopping for yours; all with the goal of improving the chances of you getting exactly what you want and need the first time around.

It is unnecessary and removable when anchored. There are typically two different reasons why someone might consider purchasing a squat stand over a power rack, and the first is budget. You can get a squat stand for less money than a power rack. The other reason people look for squat stands over power racks is because of a perceived lack of space for a full-sized rack.

The fact is that a squat stand takes up more space than you may think… or rather, power racks can take up less space than you may think. Look at the image below. Look at some of the smaller power racks and half racks before you commit to a squat stand. True commercial squat racks offer almost no versatility.

They take up more space, cost more money, but offer no safety adjustments or pull-up bar. Total waste of money.

Squat racks like these are for commercial gyms, not home gyms. I have one exception to my position on commercial-style squat racks, and that is for the few of you out there that have a basement gym rather than a garage gym. Jump to Basement Racks! These folding racks are strong, affordable and can be somewhat versatile. Some will have six uprights and some will have four — the rear two of the six-upright units being for plate and accessory storage.

Full racks also tend to require more floor space, although that is not always the case. Powerlifters and those who just happen to enjoy heavy-duty accessories will want a full-size rack over stands or half racks. Accessories such as the nylon safety straps, a reverse hyper attachment, and lever arms require a true power rack, not a squat stand or half rack. Those with tons of plates and chains will benefit from a rack with six uprights.Fitness fads come and go, but the fundamentals of strength training never change.

If you want to make real and lasting gains in strength and musclethe single most effective way is to utilize the main compound exercises.

A good Power Rack a. A good quality power cage improves the safety of heavy lifts beyond that of even the best squat racks and stands. Their added stability also increases the functionality and effectiveness of those great bodyweight exercises in pull ups and dips — well beyond that of even the best power towers.

This article will examine 5 of the best power racks and cages for your home or garage gym, and help you make the best possible choice. This classic westside-style power rack is the perfect example of the top quality products Rogue produce. Check current price. The stock option is similar in nature to the R-3, but Rep Fitness have developed an extensive range of accessories that can be added to it, and are constantly developing more.

rogue 3x3 rack

On the other hand, buying a crappy rack will likely be the worst. All of the power racks and cages below are worth the money. The Rogue R-3 Power Rack is arguably the single best example of that superior quality. It was designed and built in the mold of the classic power rack used by Louie Simmons in the strength training laboratory that is the gym at Westside Barbell.

And like the athletes at Westside, the R-3 Power Rack should help take your powerlifting to the next level. Included with the this power rack is almost everything you need to get lifting straight out of the box so to speak :. Why did we say almost everything you need to get started straight away, you ask? Well, this power rack must be bolted to the floor for safety. Check current price of the R-3 Power rack at Rogue Fitness. Due to its incredible versatility, and overwhelming popularity, Rogue have made a number of R-3 variations to ensure that almost anyone, with any need, can enjoy the benefits of lifting inside this power rack.

This is the bolt together version of the R-3, which enables it to be more easily manoeuvred through and into tight spaces. Check current price at Rogue Fitness.Results 1 to 11 of Thread: Rogue R-4 vs. Rogue R-4 vs. I'm probably gonna upgrade my crappy yukon rack at the end of the year when I move. I called them to ask what they drop-tested their rack at and the jackass on the phone got offended, wouldn't tell me, and said if I had to ask that question he didn't want me as a customer.

Neither have to be bolted to the floor. Why is the R-4 more expensive? The flat foot monster lite is 3X3 11 gauge and the R-4 is 2X3 11 gauge.

Not sure what the major distinctions here are.

Power Racks

Victory has defeated you. The R4 is 2x3 and requires a stabilizer bar if not bolting down, while the RML F is 3x3 and doesn't require a stabilizer bar. I like 3x3 since attachments e.

rogue 3x3 rack

Originally Posted by SomeIronBoy. Last edited by StillbornSoul; at AM. What does the stabilizer look like? I'd figure you would need to either bolt it or buy a rear crossmember. Originally Posted by StillbornSoul. I don't know, but you add it to the order right there on the link I posted and at least one of the reviewers mentions it, as well as adding weight horn accessories to make it even more solid.

I know you can add stabilizers for rogue racks, I just never mention them, because I don't even know what they look like. I would not like to have weight storage on a 4 upright post rack Just feels awkward. But besides the stability. Do the other points help you decide on a rack? One consideration for needing a rear stabilizer bar is whether or not it will interfere with your bench since it goes along the bottom of the back of the rack.

You might want to get some specs on that from rogue and take a look at your bench to see if it would interfere or not.

Weider home gym

The stabilizer is just an extra 43" crossmember identical to the 4 that come with the R-4 rack. It looks like this:. Last edited by trnk; at PM. Reason: Picture added.

You can do band work with the rmlf, it only has a couple of holes for pegs is the limitation. Both need to be bolted down to do so. The difference is the depth of the rack and tube size. I like my f but I also added a lot of extra options.

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They both offer a great selection of extras and I think that you will be happy with either one, as mentioned the 3x3 is great for adding to any side of the post but not a deal breaker for most. Supplement Wars! Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.Forum Rules. Remember Me? Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Anyone with a Rogue Power Rack, Would you do anything differently? Im going to upgrade to a full power rack from a half rack set-up, and I'm looking at picking up an R3.

I'd like to get any input from those who have already made the purchase.

Rogue R3 Power Rack Review

Some specifics: I'm going to bolt the unit to two sheets of plywood per some of the recommendations I've seen. Also, I'm going with the full size bolt together. Also, I'll be attaching the pull up bar vertically to the rear to fit under the joists. Is there anything wrong with this setup? Anyone who has an R3 are you happy with the sturdiness of the unit? What about the performance of the safeties and other attachments? Does anyone have any regrets going this route?

Join Date Nov Posts 5, I don't like Rogue racks. I hate the beast. Quality is not even close to Legend, Sorinex, or Reflex.

The R3 gets rave reviews and will probably be fine for home use Join Date Jul Posts I have found the review guides on the garage-gyms website helpful, including their guide on power racks they have several other review guides. It does cover most of the points that I would comment on. Maybe you will find it helpful also. I prefer swing-in safeties to pin-pipe. I prefer welded sides to bolt-together.

I prefer built in weight storage. Originally Posted by John Hanley. Originally Posted by allent. Something like, say, this? I have a locally built cage essentially based off a Rogue R3. That cage I posted is what I would someday like to replace mine with, but I would also need to extend my platform, as I would be loosing a good foot for the included plate storage.

Stupid crooked floor. My cage has gotten almost two years of daily use and still looks brand new. I wobbles a bit when I do chins even bolted to the wood, but never to the point of feeling unstable. View Profile View Forum Posts. Originally Posted by TygerqbBars Bars. Olympic Bars Olympic Bars. Powerlifting Bars Powerlifting Bars. Gym Bars Gym Bars.

Speciality Bars Speciality Bars. Technique Bars Technique Bars. Featured Products. Select options. Bumper Plates Bumper Plates. Dumbbells Dumbbells. Olympic Plates Olympic Plates. Technique Plates Technique Plates. Fractional Plates Fractional Plates. Kettlebells Kettlebells.

Cable Attachments Cable Attachments. Balls Balls. Benches Benches.

rogue 3x3 rack

Plyo Boxes Plyo Boxes. Sleds Sleds. Resistance Bands Resistance Bands.

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Add to Cart. Refine by. View as. Out of Stock. Plastic protection on both sides of the J-Hooks helps protect the bar and uprights from scratching and wear Plastic protection on both sides of the J-Hooks help protect the bar and uprights from scratching and wear This is one solid unit which can boast as one of the highest quality squat racks for sale on the market today!

Power Rack Attachments & Compatibility – 2020 Master List

This rack is available in 3x3 11 gauge steel, and includes J-Hooks. Plastic protection on both sides of the J-Hooks These platforms are available in several different variations in order to best suit your needs. Close Customer Login:.

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